Connecting the dots.

iSocialite Media created a series of events for several Atlantic Records artists, each aligning with different target audiences and a separate set of marketing objectives.


iSocialite Media connected with the target audience that Atlantic Records wanted to reach and aimed to give them a memorable experience that mirrors their devotion to their favorite artists.

What's a CD, again?

The continual decline of album sales is clear to everyone. The way we consume music has become more digital, and record labels are struggling to get people to buy. How do you get people to not only become aware of artists upcoming projects and shows, but also make a purchase? Atlantic Records/Warner Music Group has been a frontrunner at working around this problem. Connecting to their desired target audience, however, created new challenges.

Just for the 'gram?

Leveraging the appearance of the artists was crutial in connecting the target audience to the music and the artist as a brand. Going a step further than the usual meet & greet procedure (line up and take a picture), we wanted to create intimate experiences that allowed the artists and fans to genuinely build a connection. Taking a picture with an artist and sharing it to Instagram isn't enough. The goal is to produce sales results, and people buy based on emotional connections.


To bring awareness to Atlantic Records' artists' upcoming shows and releases, iSocialite Media created a number of events that sought to:

Become a vessel for open communication between the fans and the artists.


Build an emotional bond between the artists and fans by providing face time and opportunities to connect and foster relationships.


Deliver a memorable experience that went beyond the normal meet & greet. Create moments worth more than an Instagram photo.


Four events. 93% RSVP attendance rate. 100% increase in awareness. 600 unmeasurable personal connections and unique experiences.


Sevyn Streeter. Fat Trel. Ty Dolla $ign. Stalley.


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