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01 September 2014

Photo Gallery: Budweiser #MadeinAmerica Festival (Philadelphia & LA)

This year, Budweiser's Made In America Festival made history by having two simultaneous festivals on the same day on both sides of the country. iSocialite was on the scene in both LA and Philly. If you missed the festival, check out the pics to see some of our favorite moments. Be sure to read our recaps HERE. Enjoy!

Event Recap: Budweiser Made in America Festival 2014 in Philadelphia (Day 2) (Photos + Videos)

Boy oh boy, Day 2 of this year's Made in America Festival in Philadelphia definitely goes down in the history books.

On the second day of Made in America, the main highlights of the night were YG and Pharrell. YG hit the stage perfectly on time and killed it! He performed all of his hits including, "My N*gga," and "Left, Right." He brought out a Free Meek Mill t-shirt and rapping alongside Meek's track "Dreams and Nightmare's Intro."
The crowd wasn't as enthusiatic as they would have been had Meek been there, but it was still a cool moment. YG also played Bobby Shmurda's "Hot N*gga," and had the whole crowd doing the "shmoney dance." 
In the middle of all of this, he even had time to convince a few girls in the crowd to flash him. He ended his set with the smash, "Who Do You Love?"
Fast forward to 6:30PM, all of us are gearing up for Pharrell's set and then all of sudden....
A huge storm rolls into Philly and everyone is forced to evacuate the festival. Talk about terrible timing! The Made in America Festival was almost a storm disaster zone. After about an hour, the storm started to clear and the gates were opened again. Crowds rushed in as the festival kicked off where it had left off with performances from Spoon and Girl Talk (with special guest Philly's own, Freeway).
Pharrell was up next. As his band, back-up singers, and dancers began to take their places, the crowd was going crazy with excitement. He opened up with Daft Punk's "Lose Yourself to Dance," and swiftly when into "Come Get it Bae." The lighting, the dancers, Pharrell's hat, everything was just perfect. 
He performed a medley of hits he produced, new and old. From "Frontin," to"Over Now," all the way to "Beautiful," he performed all of the hits. It was honestly the perfect set. Pharrell has a ton of hits in his catalog and his displayed this in Philly. "She Wants to Move" sounds amazing live. I really wish Pharrell would have headlined the show. Performances like these are supposed to make you want to hear that artist more and support. Based on this, I'm dying for Pharrell to go on tour! He ended his set with "Happy" rightfully.

Day 2 of Made in America was definitely a crazy one, but worth every raindrop! Looking forward to want new experiences 2015 will bring.

31 August 2014

Event Recap: Budweiser Made in America Festival 2014 in Philadelphia (Day 1) (Photos + Videos)

This year's Made in America Festival in Philly was epic as usual (August 30, 2014).  

Thousands of people were in downtown Philly for this year's Made in America Festival. Similar to last years event, there were multiple stages with artist performances. This year, instead of the Freedom Tent, DJ's had a full stage which was a great improvement. Other than that, the day went just as smooth as the years before.

Indie band OBGM's were first up for the day at the Skate Park stage. I wasn't sure if the crowd were fans of  the band, or if they were just vibing off their energy. Regardless, everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Highlights of the day/night included The Neighbourhood, Big Daddy Kane, DJ Cassidy, J. Cole, and of course Kanye West.
The Neighbourhood surprised me. Having only been together for 3 years, they sure know how to put on a good show. Great music helps too! One thing I noticed is that even though some of these artists may be relatively unknown, it's all still good music. A job well done to Jay-Z. My favorite song they performed would have to be their hit, "Sweater Weather." It's also important to note that they opened up their set with a "Free Meek Mill" shout out. Thank you for the support, Jesse!

Big Daddy Kane was next on the main stage. He took us on a soul train with classic hits such as, "Ain't No Half-Steppin'" and "Raw." His rap skills were still in tact as his rhymed quickly, but perfectly on time to the songs that made him a household name.

DJ Cassidy hit the Liberty Stage. This was surprising to be because DJ's can usually be found in the Freedom tent. He did an excellent job at getting the crowd hype. But I felt like he should have been a warm-act or something. I don't understand why he had to have an entire set since he wasn't actually performing. 

The timing of J. Cole's set couldn't have been more perfect. At 7:30PM, with a freshly set sun in the background, images of police brutality flashed on the screen with J. Cole's  "Be Free," a track he rush-released as a response to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo, playing. J. Cole gave a great performance as usual. My favorite part of the night was watching him rap "F*ck I'm doin' at parties with Hova and Steve Stoute," while Steve Stoute silently watches from the crowd. 
 His energy never died down and the crowd thanked him for that.

Last, but definitely not least was the night's headliner and closer, Kanye West. He started promptly at 10:37PM, just 7 minutes late. He started his set with "Black Skinhead." Kanye then started a set that was reminiscent of the Yeezus Tour. Seems like he didn't think too much of the festival to create a whole new set. Still, the crowd went crazy. 

He also, in true Kanye fashion, started a rant about....well I guess we'll get back to you about that. All we know is the crowd started to leave with fustration when they realized Kanye was talking more than performing. Time and a place, Kanye. Maybe he should consider making a YouTube channel for all these feelings? Anyway,  the crowd sang along with great force and excitement. Everyone was having a great time. He performed Blood on the Leaves 1.5 times. He saved the full track for his finale.

Overall, this year's Made in America was a great experience. Looking forward to Day 2's event!

27 August 2014

The @beyonce Chronicles: Before, During, And After The BeyMAs

Photo Courtesy of Rap Up

Ok guys I was gone for a minute now I'm back with the jumpoff *Lil Him voice* I wanted to post my take on the BeyMAs on Monday but I was dead to the bed y'all, fr fr. Anywho, I'm here now and better late than never, right? If you don't agree then too damn bad. I will split the BeyMAs, accordingly, into before, during, and after Beyonce...because her performance was central to the existence of the entire show.


Queen Ariana brought her non dancing ass out there and SLEIGHED thee entire FUCK outta the vocals on "Break Free" you hear me?!? I was up in the rafters shouting!

Then EMPRESS ONIKA brought her teasing ass out there all of damn near nekkid letting bitches hump on her like WTF IS LIFE RIGHT NOW?!? WHAT IS AIR?!? That muthafuckin white chick with the cornrows is a gahtdamn professional! I tip my hat to her ass because given the opportunity to hump Onika, any and ALL choreo woulda flown straight out the window. Chhh...

To make matters worse Le Empress came back out for "Bang Bang" with ne'er a stich o' undergarments beneath her unfastened ass dress. When I tell you she was holding on to that dress with every bit of life she possessed?!? I was CRINE! I lowkey wanted her to let go but I knew she shouldn't. Jessie J makes me uncomfortable but as a unit they fucked that performance UP! 

Some other people performed but I honestly blacked out until Onika came back onstage for that awkward ass performance with Usher. I personally don't like the song and cut it down to just her verse so that I never have to endure the torture of that song and certainly not a live performance. It's just so uncomfortable to watch, what with him being so glaringly homosexual. Like why would he ever bump his head on her butt??? I'm schleep. And when he gheyly slapped her butt she looked like she wanted to punch him dead in the throat.


Let me start off with the disclaimer that I am not a member of #TheHive. That being said KING BEY came dressed as the Sistine Chapel and bestowed upon us all of the blessings that God saw fit for us to recieve. His will was done and my cup runneth over. She performed every song from her album, with choreo, with LIVE vocals, without sounding short of breath....this bitch is truly a mythical creature. Like she can't be real. I'm no stan BUT after watching this performance I can understand how one gets caught up in the rapture and ambience that is in and of Beyonce. Lest we forget the slayyyage that is the incomparable BLUE IVY


Pikachu Tran took it upon herself to allow Black EMBARRASSMENT Network to use her as a vessel of dumbassness and parrot a dry ass tired Blue Ivy hair joke. So this what we're doing now!? Attacking defenseless toddlers and shaming little black girls about the natural state of their hair on a channel that's supposed to be devoted to the empowerment of our people? Oh. And using a MIXED BITCH to do it?! If that wasn't 50 shades of dumb AF I don't know what is. Then Karicature got her ass online all flustered and apologetic. She should've been flustered and apologetic to 106 as she explained why TF she didn't read what was on the teleprompter. I woulda put on the Floyd Mayweather filter quick as shit! 


Then Stephen Hill released a tired ass apology on twitter after Kilimanjaro, 106, and BET tired of their faces being drug off. You know The Hive is ruthless. Apology not accepted. And suddenly 106 is on a hiatus. Surprise, surprise. I'm sure The Carters hit up The Man Upstairs for a favor like "Ayyye God. Handle that."

Last but certainly not least is Tamar, who stepped in the line of fire and got her ass drug by The Hive too. She posted on IG defending her edgelessness and put HAVE in ALL CAPS like who TF you coming for? You still going back and forth with K Michelle like a dumbass but why the CAPS? And anyways if you're gonna prove you have edges I need a current selfie. Not no old ass pic from a year ago. Bye girl. At any rate this was made and I cried real tears:

I'm officially writing this from the hereafter.

Natasha Marie

23 August 2014

#OperationHelpOrHush: @ophelporhush Leads A Charge To Aid #Ferguson Relief Effort

We don't want to eat your damn cake any more, America (IKE). 
- (@SheSeauxSaditty)
In the wake of the tragic shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, we've been both disappointed and underwhelmed by the coverage of events via the media. Ferguson PD has outright lied, falsified evidence, and changed their story numerous times yet the media continues to report information "as relayed by the corrupt authorities in question". That being said, luckily we have the voices of the hard working, PEACEFUL protesters on the ground in Ferguson, as well as those leading the charge for relief efforts virally through social media venues such as twitter. For those of us who cannot be there, on the ground in Ferguson, we can still help by spreading the word and, of course, in kind donations. Leading the charge is #OperationHelpOrHush (OHOH): Taking Social Media Activism to the Street. #OHOH, founded by @SheSeauxSaditty, @bellebutters, and @akacharleswade, is a verified, legitimate source that has been providing protestors in Ferguson with food, water, supplies, and whatever needs may present themselves. The group's funding priorities are Organizing Organizers, Sustaining Protesters, and Resourcing the Community.

Donating funds via paypal is not all that you can do. If you want to physically show your support, you can purchase one (or more) of the #OHOH tees that are available on teespring (a verified teespring account is letting us know that the proceeds are intended for charitable purposes). These original shirts are only on sale for one more day so get yours NOW!

You can find all pertinent information at or by visiting their twitter page @ophelporhush. Please help if you can, and if you can't help in a monetary capacity then spread the word...that helps as well!!

Natasha Marie

22 August 2014

From Homeless To Heartless...a @JoeBudden Story

I'm not sure if you recall but iSocialite had an Exclusive interview with the gorgeous Kaylin Garcia, where she let slip that she and Joe Budden had been homeless [interview]. He, of course, denied it vehemently via twitter, berating Kaylin and calling her everything but a Child of God. Awesome treatment of a woman. That being said this next story doesn't seem so far fetched. Joe CLEARLY has anger management issues. According to TMZ, his current (well hopefully his ex) girlfriend is saying that he flew into a rage and beat thee entire living shit outta of her. I'm not saying that Joe has similarities to Chris Brown but...
Check out the photos below:

And of course my good Judy Joey had to get on twitter and show his high yellow ass. Telling some random chick to "suck his d*ck"? Real classy.

Joe would like us to believe that this chick is a cross between 'Fatal Attraction' and 'A Thin Line Between Love And Hate'. What do you think?

Natasha Marie

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