20 August 2014

New Video: @NICKIMINAJ - "Anaconda"

Onika. Tanya. Maraj. BITCH. Goodbye. I hate you with every fiber of my being right about now. I mean what is air?!? TBQFH I have no clue what was going on in the video...I was just *blushes, stares, replays*. <--- And repeat. I love the song and any chance to see Onika embracing her sexiness and femininity (and running around half naked) I'm here for it! Although next time she need to just gon go head and throw me in the video too. I got a cute face, slim waist, and a DONK. I was in my house like
Don't let this opportunity pass you by again Onika, mmmkay? *winks* Tanya + Marie = 4ever. LMAO. Anyways, go check out the video, and if you can put that bihh in slow motion by all means do so (and send me some gifs to my email).

Natasha Marie

18 August 2014

New Music: @NickCannon - "More Money Than Jay Z"

Mr. Carey, sis...you can't be serious right now.. KLJFDJFKLJKLDFJSFKDSJDKL. HE. CAME. FOR. AUBREY. I'M CRYYYYYYING! He came for "Wheelchair Jimmy". Like dawg. Why he play so damn much?!? LMFAOOOOO. Y'all mad' cause Drake is on top/ When I created Wild N Out/ He was on my network making wheelchairs stop. *death drop* I guess unlike Robin Thicke he's dissing through the hurt. That Mariah split must be painful AF. But what did Jay even do to him? And he ended the track with Jay saying "You gotta respect that." Yooooo. THE DISRESPECT. Where is the Hive and the Lambs?!? They're about to attack thee entire shit outta him on twitter. I'm just gon twatch the ordeal like

As for making more money than Jay....well I don't really know how true that is. Although, Nick does do a lot : Nickelodeon, Soul Train, Wild N Out, Real Husbands, music (kind of), and something about selling the Appollo. Chile ion even know. And apparently Jay wanted to manage him and he declined? Oop. Lawwwwwwd.
I'm just gon exit stage left...listen to the track below:

Natasha Marie

17 August 2014

Dear @beyonce, Only A King Debuts Everything On HBO. SLEIGH.

First, Beyonce gave us "Life Is But A Dream" and now we're getting "On The Run" the concert event on HBO. ALTHOUGH I would've preferred a film like that damn COMING NEVER ass trailer they dropped on us to promo this concert. Let me just tell y'all how that trailer pissed me TF off. Like I'm still mad. WHY WOULD THEY EVER PLAY WITH MY LIFE LIKE THAT?!? I played that trailer on a loop for like a month, wailing all the while. Anywho...Jayonce better be some gahtdamn trendsetters. Watch some obscure celebrity couple decides to go on a tour as well. Maybe Lil Him and Remy Ma can start dating and go on the "Never Would've Made It Through" tour, angry bitch edition. Hell...ex-cons gotta support each other too. And please don't tap dance in my mentions fans of Himberly. Do you really think I GAF?

Save the date! And check out the trailer below:

Natasha Marie

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